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Welcome to McCleery Dental

At McCleery Dental in Bend, Oregon, we offer gentle and compassionate care and use the latest in dental technology to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile using the best available solutions. Through continuing education, we cultivate our skills and knowledge and stay informed on new ideas, technologies, and techniques that we employ in our dental practice.

The advanced technologies we use to provide efficient care allow us to offer patients throughout Central Oregon and surrounding areas the highest-quality dental treatments and procedures available today.

We incorporate dental technologies with proven efficiency into the dental care we provide, including digital X-rays that minimize radiation exposure by 80% compared to conventional X-rays. We also use intraoral cameras, an invaluable tool that helps patients understand their dental needs and conditions and allows us to plan the most effective treatment plans.

Our highly-skilled, compassionate, and well-trained staff at McCleery Dental will ensure your care and comfort during each step of your visit. All of our team members stay up-to-date on all the latest developments in dentistry through continuing professional education and are trained to perform emergency procedures such as CPR.

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By choosing the general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services we offer at our dental practice in Bend, Oregon, you and your family will enjoy natural, beautiful smiles that you will be proud to show off!


A healthy set of teeth can improve your overall health, your self-esteem, and your state of mind. To benefit from a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile, you will need...


Restorative dentistry includes a wide range of dental procedures that focus on repairing, replacing, and restoring damaged teeth or gums...


At McCleery Dental, we offer advanced and innovative cosmetic dental services to patients in Bend, Oregon. The cosmetic treatments and procedures...


When you choose pediatric dentistry from McCleery Dental, you are assured of continuity of care as your children grow and their dental needs change. Starting pediatric dentistry care for your children at an early age...


Preventive dentistry includes practices, techniques, and specialized treatments that keep your teeth and gums healthy. They also help you avoid the need...


Dental emergencies can occur at any time and in any place. Be it while playing sports, skating, or even when working in the garden. When a dental emergency occurs, immediate care is crucial if you want to save your natural...

Matthew L. McCleery, D.M.D

Dr. McCleery has the skills, experience, and state-of-the-art dental technology to provide you and your entire family with exceptional dental care and ongoing maintenance. Look no further if you are looking for general, cosmetic, preventive, pediatric, periodontal, oral surgery, endodontic or comprehensive dentistry services. If you have a dental emergency, our dental team will be happy to help as we set aside special time for emergency patients to get you in as quickly as possible if and when an emergency occurs.

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Why Our Patients
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Our dentist, Dr. McCleery, and our dental team at McCleery Dental first focus on identifying the cause of your dental health concern and then designing the appropriate treatment plan. This comprehensive approach to dental care sets us apart and sets our patients at McCleery Dental on the road to a swift recovery and long-term oral health.

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Dental offices are at a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure than most other locations you visit. Here at McCleery Dental, we have modified our work environment to ensure the protection of our patients and our team, and we also limit the number of people allowed in the office. We kindly ask that your friends and loved ones wait for you outside of our office whenever possible. Click here to learn more about what we have done to ensure everyone’s protection!