Pediatric Dentistry in Bend, OR

When you choose the pediatric dentistry services we offer at McCleery Dental, you are assured of continuity of care as your children grow and their dental needs change. Starting pediatric dentistry care for your children at an early age can help to detect and treat any problems your kids may be experiencing right away and keep dental issues from progressing. We recommend your children see our dentist every six months for their cleanings and checkups. During their checkups, we will also monitor the development of their teeth and determine the need for orthodontic treatments, as well as the best time to get started on a treatment plan for the very best results.

Key Aspects to Consider About Your Child’s Dental Visit 

  • We welcome children of all ages to our dental office in Bend, OR.
  • The child’s first dental visit should be scheduled six months after their first tooth appears and before they turn one.
  • 50% of two-year-olds in America have cavities.
  • X-rays are first taken when the child is around four years of age.
  • Sealants are applied to six-year molars when they have erupted completely. Then, as the other adult molars and premolars come in, sealants can be applied to those teeth as well.
  • We monitor and screen developing teeth and determine the need for orthodontic treatment.
  • Fluoride treatments are provided as a topical application every six months after cleaning.
  • We recommend prescription fluoride tablets for children aged from three to nine. These supplements benefit their adult teeth and help them be more resistant to cavities.
  • We educate every child on how to brush and floss properly.
  • We do not use amalgam or silver fillings on any of our patients.

Lifelong Dental Health 

Establishing a habit of regular dental visits for your children from the very beginning will help to ensure their beautiful smiles last a lifetime.

When you bring your child in at McCleery Dental, you can feel confident in your choice, knowing that Dr. McCleery has the pediatric skills necessary to provide the best care and loves working with kids. Our entire dental team at McCleery Dental goes the extra mile to make sure your kids are happy and comfortable during their visits and that they actually look forward to coming back!

The Happy Dental Visit 

Dr. McCleery wants to be your children's dentist! We love kids and warmly welcome them as patients and recommend that you bring your children in for their first pediatric dentistry appointment six months after their first tooth appears or when they are about 12 months old. 

During this initial Happy Visit, we will discuss the use of topical and systemic fluorides for tooth development. According to the ADA recommendations for fluoride prescriptions, children aged between six months and 16 years and those with low fluoride concentration in their primary drinking water can be prescribed fluoride supplements. This can significantly decrease the incidence of decay by incorporating fluoride into the teeth as they form. Since the water in Central Oregon doesn't contain fluoride, we will begin prescribing fluoride supplements as soon as possible to the kids.

To learn more about the pediatric dentistry services we offer in Bend, Oregon, contact McCleery Dental. You can find us at (541) 389-2905, schedule an appointment online, or visit our dentist in Bend, OR, at 2590 NE Courtney Dr. Suite 2, Bend, OR 97701.


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