Patient Education

At McCleery Dental, we are committed to educating our patients about good oral habits. The expert dentist team attends to each patient and provides them tips that can help maintain oral health. They provide better insight regarding dental diseases to the patients. The dentist also advises them to take preventative measures that can help avoid the chances of oral diseases.

Good dental practice begins at home. Proper brushing and flossing techniques are beneficial to practice dental care at home. Our dentists provide fluoride treatments and promote dental care that instills healthy teeth and gums.

During the consultation, the dentist evaluates the patient's dental condition and detects any signs or symptoms that signify dental diseases. Before initiating the dental treatments, the dentist explains the treatment procedures to the patients.

Our website includes blogs and articles that help educate people regarding dental diseases and treatments. It makes them more aware of the treatment procedure and the latest innovations in the dental world. Oral hygiene tips and home remedies for dental problems are also detailed in the articles.

Our goal is to provide the best dental services and treatments to our patients. We make sure patients' experience at McCleery Dental bears them the best results.

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Filing vs Crown (cad cam)

Onlay (cad cam)


Water Flosser

Manual vs Electric

Prophy vs Scaling

Tooth Wear

Sleep Apnea

Comprehensive exam

Root Canal


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